Revenue Without the Hassle

eagleAt a time when state and local governments are being asked to do more with less, MetroRev provides a full range of revenue enhancement services, from tax auditing and assessments of businesses that are not paying their fair share to leading recovery efforts and helping you rewrite outdated municipal codes.  Our goal is to reduce the burden on your budgets and staff.

It’s generally accepted that there’s an underground economy in the United States today – unlicensed businesses that don’t file or pay their fair share because of the impact on their bottom lines.  The failure of these businesses to pay these fees and taxes undermines the ability of states and municipalities to provide critical community services.  This unreported income has caused a federal tax gap in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and perhaps even more to states and municipalities that don’t have the time, resources, and staff to identify these businesses.

We help our clients – states and municipalities – recapture that lost revenue and ensure everyone pays what they owe.  We invite you to give us a call to see if we can increase your revenue without the hassle.